Top-Rated Insurance Companies

In the insurance industry,thousands of insurance businesses offer goods and services.While some offer a variety of insurance,the majority focus on particular kinds.The largest ones often provide every kind of insurance,including commercial,property and liability,life,and health insurance.Some have branched out into financial and health care services.Only publicly traded corporations in the United States or Canada,either directly or through ADRs,are included on this list.Some overseas businesses might have longer lead periods because they report semiannually.All numbers were taken from Google Finance and were up to date as of February 18,2024.The top ten insurance companies by 12-month trailing revenue (TTM) are listed here.

Group United Health (UNH)

  1. TTM revenue: $94.4 billion
  2. (TTM) Net Income: $5.5 billion
  3. Value of the Market: $482.4 billion
  4. 4.5% is the 1-year trailing total return
  5. New York Stock Exchange is the exchange.

The insurance company United Health Care and the health services company Optum are combined to become United Health Group.United provides insurance and services to around 152 million consumers,as well as 6,400 hospitals and other facilities.The company employs nearly 400,000 people.


The history of UnitedHealth Group begins in late 1974 when Richard Taylor Burke founded Charter Med Incorporated, a company based in Minnesota. At first, it handled claims for physicians affiliated with the Hennepin County Medical Society. Founded in 1977, United HealthCare Corporation acquired Charter Med to provide a senior health plan based on a network. In 1984, it went public, and in 1998, it rebranded itself as UnitedHealth Group. By means of its subsidiary Diversified Pharmaceutical Services, United HealthCare initiated its inaugural pharmaceutical benefit management program in 1988. It oversaw the delivery of pharmacy benefits by mail and retail pharmacies. In 1994, the business was sold for $2.3 billion to SmithKline Beecham. United HealthCare purchased Florida insurer Ramsey-HMO in 1994. For $1.65 billion, the business purchased The MetraHealth Companies Inc. in 1995. The Travelers Companies and MetLife’s group healthcare divisions were combined to form the privately held company MetraHealth. HealthWise of America, which ran HMOs in Tennessee, Arkansas, Maryland, and Kentucky, was purchased by United HealthCare in 1996.

BRK.B, or Berkshire Hathaway Inc.


Berkshire Hathaway Inc. operates globally in the insurance, freight rail transportation, and utility sectors through its subsidiaries. In addition to operating railroad systems throughout North America, the corporation offers property, casualty, life, accident, and health insurance as well as reinsurance. Along with operating interstate pipelines, compressor and meter stations, liquefied natural gas facilities, natural gas distribution and storage facilities, and wind, solar, hydroelectric, nuclear, and geothermal energy sources, it also generates, transmits, stores, and distributes electricity. Additionally, it owns interests in coal mining assets.The company also makes flooring products, insulation, roofing, and engineered products; building and engineered components; paints and coatings; bricks and masonry products; boxed chocolates and other confectionery products; specialty chemicals, metal cutting tools, and components for aerospace and power generation applications. Additionally, the company provides manufactured and site-built home construction, as well as associated lending and financial services. In addition, it offers recreational vehicles, jewelry, garments and footwear, and bespoke picture framing goods. Alkaline batteries, castings, forgings, fasteners and fastener systems, precision components, aerostructures, and cobalt, nickel, and titanium alloys are also offered. The company also distributes information and televisions, operates quick service restaurant franchises and provides maintenance, distributes electronic components, and provides logistics, grocery and foodservice distribution, professional aviation training, and shared aircraft ownership programs. Along with cars, it also sells jewelry, watches, crystal, china, stemware, flatware, presents, and collectibles; kitchenware; apparel and equipment for motorcycles; and computers, gadgets, and appliances for the home. The company’s headquarters are in Omaha, Nebraska, and it was incorporated in 1998.

  1. TTM revenue: $93.2 billion
  2. TTM Net Income: -$12.8 billion
  3. Exchange Value: $879.4 billion
  4. 31.7% is the 1-year trailing total return.
  5. New York Stock Exchange is the exchange.

The holding firm Berkshire Hathaway has many subsidiaries,with large percentage of them being insurance companies.Renowned investor Warren Buffet owns one of the biggest firms in the world based on market capitalization.Geico,General Re,MLMIC Insurance,United States Liability Insurance,and National Indemnity are few of its insurance subsidiaries.

The CVS Health Corp Group

  1. Cash (total): $89.4 billion
  2. Total Revenue (TTM): $2.3 trillion
  3. $97.03 billion is the market cap.
  4. Trailing Total Return for One Year: -12.9%
  5. New York Stock Exchange is the exchange.

Although CVS is best known for its pharmacy and medical supplies,it also owns the insurance company Aetna.2018 saw the company purchase Aetna as part of its efforts to“…transform the consumer health experience and build healthier communities…”With the capacity to provide insurance, prescription drugs,and goods and services related to health and wellbeing, CVS has evolved throughout time into comprehensive provider of healthcare solutions.In 2022,the company serviced over 5.5 million individuals through its MinuteClinics and HealthHubs,with over 300,000 workers spread throughout 8,300 locations.

The Group Cigna (CI)


In the US, the Cigna Group offers insurance as well as associated goods and services through its subsidiaries. Its Evernorth Health Services segment offers health plans, employers, government agencies, and healthcare providers a range of coordinated and point solution health services, such as pharmacy benefits, home delivery pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, distribution, and solutions for care delivery and management. The company’s Cigna Healthcare segment provides Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Part D plans for seniors, as well as individual health insurance plans; health care coverage in its international markets; and health care benefits for mobile individuals and employees of multinational corporations. The company’s customers can receive medical, pharmacy, behavioral health, dental, and other products and services. Furthermore, it provides organizations with long-term insurance contracts that cover specific employees’ lifetimes in order to finance future benefit obligations that must be paid for by the employer. The business sells its goods and services to employers, unions, and other organizations directly, as well as through private and public exchanges, insurance brokers, and consultants. In February 2023, the business changed its name from Cigna Corporation to The Cigna Group. With its headquarters located in Bloomfield, Connecticut, the Cigna Group was established in 1792.

  1. Revenue ($49.0 billion at TTM)
  2. Total Revenue (TTM): $1.4 trillion
  3. Exchange Value: $99.8 billion
  4. 13.3% is the 1-year trailing total return.
  5. New York Stock Exchange is the exchange.

The Cigna Group describes itself as worldwide supplier of healthcare benefits.It is made up of the Evernorth Health Services and Cigna Healthcare operational sectors.Express Scripts,Inside Rx,ScreenRx,and other pharmacy and pharmaceutical solutions are all under the Evernorth umbrella.The insurance division of the Group,Cigna Healthcare,offers health insurance to customers,the US government,and the Group itself.

Health Elevance,Inc. (ELV)

  1. TTM revenue: $42.9 billion
  2. Total Revenue (TTM): $1.3 trillion
  3. Value of Market: $120.5 billion
  4. 3.6% is the 1-year trailing total return.
  5. New York Stock Exchange is the exchange.

health insurance company called Elevance Health has over 47 million subscribers.The company offers Medicare,Medicaid,and programs for both people and groups.In addition,it oversees the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and manages health benefits for the federal government of the United States.Elevance is divided into three operational segments:the Governments Business sector,the Commercial & Specialty Business segment,and the CarelonRx segment,which oversees pharmaceutical coverage.

Centennial (CNC)


Students will master the fundamentals of G-Code programming,specifically for Vertical Milling Centers, in this course designed for beginners. Manual programming,setup,and operation of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling equipment will be taught to learners.Common operations,machine start-up,control panel operation,and machine axis motion will all be covered in the instruction.Program formats,editing,machine function control, and program verification are among the subjects covered. Students will use CNC milling equipment to make simple items during the course.Basic quality control processes will be taught using components made throughout the course.

  1. TTM revenue: $35.2 billion
  2. $469.0 million is the net income (TTM).
  3. $42.1 billion is the market cap.
  4. 7.3% is the 1-year trailing total return.
  5. New York Stock Exchange is the exchange.

As the biggest Medicare insurer in the United States, Centene is top federal insurance provider.Centene provides clinical healthcare,behavioral health services, pharmacy solutions,data analytics,vision and dental services,and Medicaid in many states and regions through specialty providers.

PNGAY, or Ping An Insurance

  1. TTM revenue: $28.8 billion
  2. Total Revenue (TTM): $2.3 trillion
  3. Exchange Value: $99.8 billion
  4. Trailing Total Return for One Year: -97.1%
  5. Trade: Over-the-Counter

Ping An Insurance is a financial services and insurance provider with headquarters in China that provides both life and non-life insurance.Its non-life insurance offerings include banking, property, casualty,auto,and health insurance.It also makes significant investments in technology development and offers investment management services.

Allianz (ALIZY)

  1. TTM revenue: $26.5 billion
  2. Total Revenue (TTM): $2.2 trillion
  3. Exchange Value: $103.9 billion
  4. Trailing One-Year Total Return: 14.4%
  5. Trade: Over-the-Counter

With its headquarters located in Germany,Allianz is a global supplier of asset management and insurance.It provides services to more than 70 countries and 122 million people.In addition to managing over €1.7 trillion ($1.8 trillion) in assets for its clients,it offers health,life,and property insurance.

Humana Inc. (HUM)

  1. TTM revenue: $26.4 billion
  2. Total Net Income (TTM): $832,000,000
  3. Valuation: $44.9 billion
  4. Trailing Total Return for One Year: -28.1%
  5. New York Stock Exchange is the exchange.

A US-based health insurance company is called Humana.It offers insurance for customers,military people,Medicare,and Medicaid.Humana is divided into two business segments:CenterWell and Insurance.Administrative services and medical,dental,and vision insurance are provided by the insurance section.Primary care,home health,and pharmacy services are provided by the CenterWell division.

Axa Sa (AXAHY)

  1. TTM revenue: $22.5 billion
  2. Total Revenue (TTM): $2.1 trillion
  3. Value of Market: $70.0 billion
  4. 9.8% is the 1-year trailing total return.
  5. Trade: Over-the-Counter

Axa Sa is a global provider of financial services and insurance, managing around €932 billion in assets. It offers health, life, and property and casualty insurance products. Its operations are based in France and it has its headquarters across Europe and Asia.


The insurance provider AXA SA (AXA) provides both life and non-life insurance plans.It provides health and personal protection goods,individual and group savings retirement plans, individual life insurance, and group life insurance,among other life insurance and savings products.In addition to retail banking goods and services,the company provides property and casualty insurance products,including residential,auto,and general liability insurance.Through a network of agents,paid sales teams,brokers, independent financial advisors,and bank networks,AXA provides services to both individual and business clients.Additionally,it uses direct sales channels like the phone,mail,and the Internet to distribute its goods.Paris,France serves as the home base for AXA.

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